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Jason Woods


chief technical officer

Technology development has peaked in the last 10-15 years. What until recently was a dream is now part of everyday life. Such progress is impressive. It affects all spheres of human activity, so everyone can evaluate its impact on a particular process. To give a similar assessment to more global operations, you need to seek help from specialists. This is precisely what we will discuss today with the Chief technical officer of TechBerry, Mr. Jason Woods.

– Good afternoon, Mr. Woods. Let’s start our conversation with a discussion of global topics. How do you think the world has changed, and how strong have the changes been over the past decades?

– Unusual beginning of the dialogue. The world has changed dramatically. Today we see how robots help deliver food to people, vehicles travel without the presence of a person behind the wheel, and the world is seriously thinking about moving to other planets. This is the best proof that certain transformations have already taken place and that they will be more active in the future. In this regard, an essential task of our company is adapting to the ongoing changes.

What do you think these changes will be?

– I remember realizing my capabilities just by looking at my phone. If you think about it, it has more computing power than was available to the engineers of the Apollo 11 spacecraft. If Buzz Aldrin and his colleagues could make an incredible breakthrough in the history of mankind, then why can’t we do the same with more modern technologies.

– They were pioneers, so it was easier for them to go down in history. In your case, there are many great examples of success, and to stand out from the crowd, you need to surpass all of them combined.

– You’re probably right. At the same time, I am not afraid of such difficulties. For me, the secret to the success of any business lies in the openness and flexibility of thinking. I wouldn’t say I like to limit myself to any limits, so they consider competitors only as a benchmark that must be surpassed many times. If you build all your work on looking back toward other companies, you can drive yourself into a corner from which it will be tough to get out.

An excellent example of my perception of the situation, I consider the story of cars. They were invented many years ago. At the same time, according to the principle of operation, purpose, and tasks performed, they practically do not differ from modern vehicles. This similarity did not become an insurmountable barrier, and the development of the automotive industry has continued to this day. Therefore, now we can use cars with hybrid, hydrogen, or electric motors. No global changes have occurred over the past century, and the foundation for creating vehicles has remained the same. At the same time, everything else has changed dramatically. The same applies to TechBerry products. You need to think globally without focusing on one specific example.

– Is this principle incorporated into the work of TechBerry?

– I want and have the right to think so. Our latest developments make it possible to summarize all existing information in finance and economics. The algorithms simplify many things, making them understandable and accessible to everyone. They provide an opportunity to go beyond and discover a new world.

– What is the basis of all this? Is it neural networks, machine calculations, or something else?

– This is our main difference from competitors. TechBerry always has its way of moving forward, which motivates me greatly. It is often tortuous and challenging. At the same time, all other companies follow a well-known path and do not turn it off, even when there is such an opportunity. Because of this, they do not contribute something new and repeat it after others. If we consider neural networks, their developers often only upload data and hope they will form the correct algorithms to become the basis of a new product. In this case, everything is limited by the capabilities of artificial intelligence. At the same time, we put our soul into our product and independently look for ways to improve. It isn’t easy and takes much time for each employee. However, the result obtained is always the subject of our pride.

We do not use standard templates that force companies to degrade and gradually merge with the crowd. Our goal is far beyond the horizon, so we must leave our comfort zone and develop something new to get to it. Simply put, we love complex winding paths and hate going straight. Our chosen direction makes it possible to experiment a lot and eventually come to the best results. This TechBerry approach to work makes our product unique. It is based on various mathematical laws and trading data of several thousand people. This combination allows you to achieve an unattainable positive effect on other companies.

– Can this be called a symbiosis of man and machine?

This is only a partially correct statement. Our activity affects a complex area where many factors influence the final result. They are diverse, so it is impractical to subordinate everything to one rule. However, if we correctly combine the mental abilities of people and the capabilities of a computer, then we will get a perfect system. It will be independent and will be able to engage in self-regulation.

– Marvelous. However, this is very difficult for me.

– Naturally. The whole TechBerry team spent many years creating their product, which, first of all, we liked. At the same time, I understand that such work was completed successfully, thanks to which our system can function without failures and with a high-performance indicator. It is also essential for me that we could open one door, and behind it, we saw several dozen more. This inspires us to further work on improving the product offered to customers.

– You are fully involved in your work and are trying to tell us the details from the point of view of a specialist. However, for an ordinary person, it isn’t easy. Please simplify things a little and make an explanation for the average reader.

– I’ll try. Let’s compare our product with the system from the movie “Moneyball.” In it, the main characters were able to turn an initially simple game of baseball into a full-fledged system in which the key is the human factor. The same principle applies to the TechBerry product.

– What is your source of inspiration? Is your day-to-day life solely about work, or does it have room for other things?

I can safely say that they are a happy person. I like my job. We have an excellent and friendly team of specialists who support each other and work together toward a common goal. The primary source of inspiration for me is the opportunity to develop. We have everything you need, from human resources to many fresh ideas. Therefore, everything that exists today is not the limit of TechBerry.

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