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Investing in e.l.f. Beauty Stock: Growth Catalysts Identified



Upgraded Rating and Increased Price Target

Jefferies analyst Ashley Helgans has upgraded shares of e.l.f. (ticker: ELF) to Buy from Hold and raised the price target to $115 from $110. This indicates a 19% increase from Thursday’s closing price.

Stock Performance

Prior to market open on Friday, e.l.f.’s shares were trading at $98.90, representing a 2.4% increase. Year-to-date, the stock has climbed an impressive 75%.

Reasons for Buying E.l.f. Stock

In a recent research note, Helgans outlines several factors that make this an opportune time to invest in e.l.f. beauty stock. These include:

  1. Demand Strength: Despite consumer weakness in other areas, the beauty category has remained resilient. This was evident in e.l.f.’s fiscal first-quarter financial results, where the company exceeded Wall Street expectations for earnings and revenue. As a result, e.l.f. has raised its fiscal-year revenue outlook.

  2. Merger and Acquisition Benefits: The company stands to benefit from any merger and acquisition activity in the cosmetics industry. This could potentially boost e.l.f.’s market position and drive further growth.

  3. International Expansion: With plans to expand its presence internationally, e.l.f. is positioned to tap into new markets and broaden its customer base.

  4. Valuation Pullback: The current valuation of e.l.f.’s stock offers an attractive opportunity for investors as the company experiences a temporary pullback.


With a positive outlook on demand strength, merger and acquisition benefits, international expansion, and a favorable valuation, e.l.f. beauty stock is set to thrive in the coming years. As consumers become more agnostic to price and blend makeup routines across price points, e.l.f. is well-positioned to gain market share.

Evolving Makeup Industry: e.l.f. Expands its Presence

In a major move to keep up with the rapidly evolving makeup industry, e.l.f., a well-known cosmetics company, recently acquired Naturium, a prominent skincare brand. This acquisition, according to industry expert Helgans, is a significant step forward for e.l.f. as it allows the company to introduce new and exciting products to the market, thus keeping customers engaged.

The integration of Naturium into e.l.f.’s portfolio is expected to boost skincare sales, accounting for approximately 18% of total sales compared to the current 9%. This strategic diversification balances out any potential shifts between skincare and cosmetic product cycles.

Looking beyond the domestic market, e.l.f. sees immense opportunities for growth in Europe. Helgans highlights that the European color cosmetics industry is similar in size to that of the United States. If e.l.f. can replicate its current market share in Western Europe, it could potentially generate an additional $650 million in retail sales.

Recognizing the recent decline in e.l.f.’s stock value, Helgans chose to upgrade the stock at this juncture, citing a more favorable valuation. The company’s forward earnings multiple now stands at around 37, a significant drop from its high of approximately 63 reported in July.

e.l.f.’s expansion into the skincare market and its prospects for international growth point towards a promising future for the company.

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