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General Motors and Honda Begin Commercial Production of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems


General Motors and Honda have announced the commencement of commercial production of hydrogen fuel cell systems at their joint venture located in Brownstown, Mich. The joint venture, known as Fuel Cell System Manufacturing, was established in 2017 with an equal investment of $85 million from both companies. The facility has also contributed to the creation of 80 new jobs.

The companies had previously stated their intention to start production by 2020 when they unveiled their plans for the facility. While car companies have been developing fuel-cell technology for a significant period, only a few models are currently available in the United States, and they have limited sales figures.

Aside from its environmentally friendly zero-emission qualities, hydrogen fuel cell technology offers several advantages. These include an impressive driving range of over 350 miles, surpassing that of many battery-electric vehicles as well as conventional gas-powered cars. Moreover, refueling a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle takes only a few minutes, in contrast to the considerably longer charging times required for electric vehicles, which can range anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours.

Despite these advantages, the high costs associated with both the vehicles themselves and the establishment of hydrogen-fueling stations have hindered widespread adoption.

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