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Disney Poised to Take Full Control of Hulu Sooner Than Anticipated


The Walt Disney Co. is on track to acquire full control of popular streaming platform Hulu sooner than originally planned. Currently, Disney already owns two-thirds of Hulu, with Comcast Corp. owning the remainder. According to Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, the date for Disney to exercise its option to purchase the remaining portion has been moved up from January. Roberts announced during a Goldman Sachs investor conference that after September 30, Disney will have the opportunity to take full ownership of Hulu, and it is expected that they will act on it.

However, the acquisition process will still involve an appraisal and won’t be an immediate transaction. Wells Fargo analyst Steven Cahall noted that while no specific timeline was provided, investors are likely to assume that the deal will be completed by the end of the year.

Roberts acknowledged that the appraisal process for Hulu will be unprecedented since there hasn’t been an auction for a streaming platform like it before. He referred to Hulu as a “scarce kingmaker asset,” further highlighting its significance in the industry.

It seems that Disney’s bid for full control of Hulu is nearing a turning point, bringing potential benefits and opportunities for both parties involved.

Disney’s Streaming Strategies Hindered by Hulu Ownership


Disney’s ownership of Hulu has been a burden on its balance sheet due to streaming losses and the decline of traditional television. Moreover, Comcast’s 33% stake in Hulu has limited Disney’s ability to fully implement its streaming strategies. Resolving this issue would not only alleviate the negative impact on Disney’s stock but also allow the company to accelerate its plans.

Disney Faces Challenges in the Media Business

As Disney grapples with ongoing challenges in its media business, it finds itself entangled in an unconventional dispute with Charter Communications Inc. Charter has shown a willingness to sever ties with Disney if its demands are not met. The market seems to reflect this uncertainty, as it has assigned a 45% likelihood that the dispute will go unresolved. This disagreement could potentially mark the beginning of the end for traditional pay TV bundles.

The Clash: Disney vs. Charter

In this clash, Disney, a content giant, finds itself pitted against Charter, a company responsible for delivering the content through its network infrastructure. Although Comcast isn’t directly involved in the dispute, its presence looms large in the wider media landscape with its NBCU media business and Xfinity cable product. While uncertainty surrounds the outcome, there is hope that the two companies can find a resolution that benefits consumers.


The burden of Hulu ownership has hindered Disney’s streaming strategies, while the ongoing dispute with Charter adds to the company’s challenges in the media business. Resolving these issues would not only lift an “overhang” on Disney’s stock but also pave the way for accelerated growth in the streaming sector. With the growing demand for streaming services and the shifting dynamics of the television industry, it remains to be seen how Disney will navigate these obstacles and emerge as a key player in the digital entertainment landscape.

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