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Delta Air Lines Completes Fleet Upgrade


ATLANTA — Delta Air Lines announced today that it has successfully upgraded its entire fleet to safeguard critical equipment from potential interference caused by 5G wireless signals. This significant development ensures that flights will no longer be disrupted during periods of low visibility.

According to a Delta spokesperson, all active Delta aircraft now feature radio altimeters that are protected against interference. The implementation of these upgraded altimeters eradicates the need for Delta planes to be subjected to weather-related constraints.

Earlier this year, in late June, approximately 190 of Delta’s fleet of almost 900 planes did not possess the enhanced altimeters. These altimeters serve the purpose of accurately measuring a plane’s altitude above the ground by utilizing radio signals.

Consequently, Delta was faced with rerouting these aircraft to avoid scenarios with limited visibility while awaiting new parts from a supplier. Fortunately, the airline successfully navigated through the summer without any significant altimeter-related issues.

Ahead of the summer travel season, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg urged airlines to retrofit their planes, and most carriers heeded this call. However, Delta, based in Atlanta, was unable to meet the July 1 deadline to upgrade all altimeters before AT&T, Verizon, and other wireless companies amplified the power of their C-Band 5G signals. Despite concerns expressed by some industry experts, there were no flight disruptions as a result of this change.

While there is ongoing debate among aviation experts and the Federal Aviation Administration regarding the proximity of C-Band signals to radio altimeter frequencies, the Federal Communications Commission, responsible for granting 5G licenses, maintains that there is no risk of interference.

With this comprehensive fleet upgrade, Delta Air Lines reaffirms its commitment to passenger safety and uninterrupted travel experiences.

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