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ETF News Unveils Asset Management Service for Institutional Investors

Close up of laptop computer with glowing forex chart trading interface on blurry background. Market, economy and data exchange concept. Double exposure, the start-up that raised a new round of funding valuing the firm at $14B, has unveiled an asset management service, according to a report by Bloomberg on Wednesday.

The service, referred to as BCAM, will serve institutional investors, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals.

The asset management brand was created in partnership with Altis Partners, an investment firm that manages future portfolios. Even though powers BCAM, Altis offers investment management.

BCAM unveils a strategy that monitors the price of Bitcoin compared to the dollar. Another strategy being rolled out focuses on reducing the volatility that emerges with investing in Bitcoin by providing algorithm-based risk-managed exposure to the currency.

Charlie McGarraugh, chief strategy officer at the company, stated that it is preparing a product that manages exposure to decentralized-finance coins linked to applications that allow people to trade, borrow, and lend without intermediaries. is doubling down on its institutional business with the unveiling of the new service. BTCUSD down -1.37%

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