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Allegations of Sexual Battery Against Vin Diesel



Vin Diesel, renowned for his role in the “Fast and Furious” franchise, has recently been accused of sexual battery by his former assistant, Astra Jonasson. The incident allegedly took place in 2010 while they were in a hotel suite in Atlanta.

The Allegations

According to the lawsuit filed by Jonasson, she claims that Diesel forced himself onto her in the hotel suite. She states that after being coerced into Diesel’s bed, she attempted to escape but was prevented from doing so. The actor then proceeded to grope her breasts and kiss her chest.

Jonasson’s distress escalated when Diesel tried to pull down her underwear, prompting her to scream and run towards the nearby bathroom. Despite her desperate attempts to avoid further assault, Diesel eventually coerced her into touching his erect penis and began to masturbate, according to the lawsuit.


The aftermath of the incident was detrimental to Jonasson’s personal and professional life. She was terminated only a few hours later by Diesel’s sister, Samantha Vincent, who also serves as the president of his production company, One Race Productions. This sudden dismissal left Jonasson feeling discarded and worthless, causing severe damage to her self-esteem.

The Lawsuit

The lawsuit emphasizes that Jonasson perceived her termination as a direct result of resisting Diesel’s unwanted advances. She believed that she was being used solely for the fulfillment of his sexual desires and consequently suffered from the traumatic experience.

It is important to note that these are allegations made in a lawsuit and have not been proven in court.

Lawsuit Filed Against Diesel for Hostile Work Environment and Wrongful Termination

Swedish actress, Hanna Jonasson, has filed a lawsuit against Diesel and its founder for allegedly creating a hostile work environment, negligent supervision, and wrongful termination. In addition to these claims, Jonasson’s legal team asserts other grievances against the company.

Although representatives for Diesel have not yet responded to this matter, it is clear that Jonasson is seeking justice. Claire-Lise Kutlay, Jonasson’s attorney, released a statement explaining that her client wishes to hold Diesel accountable for their alleged role in covering up a sexual assault. Kutlay emphasizes the importance of employers protecting and supporting survivors who speak out against harassment and assault.

It should be noted that The Associated Press typically respects the privacy of alleged victims of sexual assault. However, in this case, Jonasson has chosen to publicly come forward with her claims.

Diesel’s popularity skyrocketed when their founder, Dominic Toretto, portrayed by actor Vin Diesel, appeared in the inaugural film of “The Fast and Furious” franchise in 2001. These movies have since become major successes at both the domestic and international box office, with the last two films earning over $1 billion each.

Earlier this year marked the release of the franchise’s tenth installment, “Fast X,” featuring Vin Diesel. The movie opened with impressive ticket sales, generating $67.5 million in revenue.

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